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Fitted Batik Face Mask

RM 50.00

These are our new and improved batik face mask ! Tried and tested, comfortably fitting a standard female face really well !

They are great if you are tired of the basic mask and just want something fun and batik!

There is a pocket at the back of each mask where you can put in your surgical mask/tissue for extra protection. As these mask are made from 100% cotton they are not having the same protective function as surgical mask for medical activities. None the less, they are sufficient for protection for doing your daily run outdoors : ) They would also be more effective, if you would like to cut the surgical mask/ tissue and put them into the pocket of this fabric mask .

They are washable and reusable many times !

They come in a set of 3 !

Color combo is as such . Please pick the color of your 3 batik face mask :

#1 Black + Blue + Green

#2 Fushia + Blue + Purple

#3 Maroon + Blue + Green 

#4 Green + Red + Fushia

#5 Random mix / Surprise surprise !

#6 Matching the batik pieces in my cart

#7 Let us know in the notes section upon checkout !

Colors available: Black , Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Maroon, Fushia, Red, Purple, Multicolor.

Update 03/07/20 - [Black is running low in stock.]

You may also specify in the notes section your preference that may help us in picking the print/shade for you! Please note that we will try our best, nevertheless do be open for a surprise! And print/shade subject to availability !

You may also DIY to fit. If the mask is too big, you can tie the elastic . If it is too small, you can always string through the tunnel at the sides with a ribbon or your own elastic :) But we hope it fits you just fine without needing much adjustments!

( Please take note that photo is just for illustration purpose. Print of batik may differ as this is a zero waste initiative ! )