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Fitted Batik Face Mask [Updated]

RM 50.00

These are our new and improved batik face mask ! Tried and tested, comfortably fitting a standard female face really well !

They are great if you are tired of the basic mask and just want something fun and batik!

They come in a set of 3 !

Color combo is as such . Please pick the color of your 3 batik face mask :

#1 Black + Blue + Green

#2 Blue + Green + Maroon

#3 Red + Fushia + Purple

#4 Black + Blue + Red

#5 Pink + Blue + Green

 #6 Matching the batik pieces in my cart

#7 Let us know in the notes section upon checkout !

You may also specify in the notes section your preference that may help us in picking the print/shade for you! Please note that we will try our best, nevertheless do be open for a surprise! And print/shade subject to availability !

More details on our mask 

There is a pocket at the back of each mask where you can put in your surgical mask/tissue for extra protection. As these mask are made from 100% cotton they are not having the same protective function as surgical mask for medical activities. None the less, they are sufficient for protection for doing your daily run outdoors : ) They would also be more effective, if you would like to cut the surgical mask/ tissue and put them into the pocket of this fabric mask .

Please take note each country has different regulations. We are not liable if our mask is not up to your countries standards of public mask wearing.

They are washable and reusable many times !


Make it looser- We made the measurement to fit a female face quite accurately, if you want make it looser, we have updated this mask with a feature which allows you to snip off the thread furthest from the elastic edge to make the elastic slightly longer giving more ease. Just find the elastic edge that is hidden in the tunnel and use an un-picker or small scissors to snip off the stitch furthers from the edge.

Small - Centre front middle length is 12.5cm. This is perfect for a standard asian female face where you don't want the mask looking too big but fitting just right. I personally prefer this. Width 22.5cm 

Medium - Centre front middle length is 13.5cm. This is if you have a larger size face, more international fitting. Width 25.5cm

( Please take note that photo is just for illustration purpose. Print of batik may differ as this is a zero waste initiative ! )

Model is wearing our size Small mask.


[*Please follow your own countries rule and regulations to the standard of public mask wearing. This is a basic 100% cotton cloth face mask with pocket for filter.]