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3 ply Reversible Fitted Batik Face Mask (Set of 3)

RM 45.00 RM 50.00

Our Reversible Batik Face Mask gives more option of prints for your daily wear! 

These are our new and improved batik face mask ! Tried and tested, comfortably fitting a standard female face really well !

They are great if you are tired of the basic mask and just want something fun and batik! 

Comes in a size S and M. S fits a standard asian female face well and M fits an international face size well.

They come in a set of 3 !

Color combo is as such . Please pick the color of your 3 batik face mask :

Color indicated is that of the batik background color.

Update 1/12/20 : *for M size if we ran out of Black we substitute with Green

#1 Black + Blue + Maroon/Red

#2 Green + Sand + Maroon/Red

#3 Purple + White + Black

#4 Rust + Blue(M)/ Red(S) + White 

#5 Black + Sand + Blue

 #6 Matching the batik pieces in my cart

#7 Let us know in the notes section upon checkout !

Because this batik mask is reversible, you will have a total of 6 batik choices to choose to wear :D

You may also specify in the notes section your preference that may help us in picking the print/shade for you! Please note that we will try our best, nevertheless do be open for a surprise! And print/shade subject to availability !

*Please take note if we have ran out of a particular color we will replace it with another color. 

More details on our mask 

This is our 3 ply mask, The front and back layer is our 100% cotton batik and the middle layer is a poly-cotton fabric. Hence comprising of 3 fabric layers. Having a full batik front and back allows you a change in print or color :) while giving sufficient comfort and protection for your normal everyday use.

Our batik mask is great for everyday wear and wash. 

They are washable and reusable many times !


Fit it to your face - We have used a softer elastic for these masks making it really comfortable for wear and have tied it loosely. You may unknot the elastic and retie it to fit your face ! Hide the elastic knot edge into the tunnel for a clean finish :)

Small - Centre front middle length is 12.5cm. This is perfect for a standard asian female face where you don't want the mask looking too big but fitting just right. I personally prefer this. Width 22.5cm 

Medium - Centre front middle length is 13.5cm. This is if you have a larger size face, more international fitting. Width 25.5cm

( Please take note that photo is just for illustration purpose. Print of batik may differ as this is a zero waste initiative ! )

Model is wearing our size Small mask.

Care: Keep elastic away from hot iron. To replace the elastic, cut the old elastic and string a new one through the elastic tunnel (use a small safety pin or crochet hook ) and retie to your desired length. Hide the knot into the tunnel for a clean finish.

*Please take note that these are 3 ply cloth mask suitable for daily wear. They are not PPE.

[First 4 images are M size, following by 2 images of S size mask.]