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KANOE Lipcare

RM 30.00

RM30 for 2 lipcare / Quantity 1 = 2 lip care

Our KANOE Lipcare is finally online! Due to positive feedback, much enquiries and repurchases, we have decided to put them here for your convenience! They are made from all natural ingredients that are healing to your lips such as Shea Butter and Pure Peppermint essential oil that gives a cooling effect for the Mint flavors. We have 2 flavors:

Chocolate Mint and Lemon.

( They are both colorless when applied. Perfect as your lipstick base to lock in moisture and to wear throughout the day. )

It is Retailing at RM15 each.

We are selling them here in a set of 2. So with each quantity you pick, you get a chocolatemint and a beetroot lipcare! Quantity 1 = 2 lipcare. You can use one for yourself and give your Bestie the other! ;) It is a caring balm indeed, time to spread the love!

The price listed includes the shipping cost for local purchase.

For best results, please use within 12 months.