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JULY 2021 Word of the Month! :

" Don't Worry !"

Don't let worry enter into your heart. Leave room for faith. 

Every Morning when i wake up, i remind myself Don't Worry and every night before i sleep I remind myself Don't Worry. When you worry it only cause harm to you and you age quicker hehe. So remember to do your best, make the best decision and give all your concerns to God! 

Don't Worry.

If any of our design that you fancy is currently sold out or you are looking for specific designs. Do hit us a DM to enquire for the restocking / to inspire us with some ideas ! Via our IG or email us at heythere@kanoewear.com

Cashback rewards

Ps. Currently: 7% Cashback !

Did you know that with every order spent in store, you collect 5% cashback store credit! You may use your accumulated store credit balance upon checkout of your next purchase :) ( Right at the last part of the checkout process at the Payment method page, click 'Apply' credit. )

This is a reward for us to thank you for shopping with our local homegrown brand, we are so happy whenever we see you returning to our store ! 

Even though we don't personally see you, we feel the love <3!

International Payment

For international payment, please choose PayPal/ PayPal via ipay88 ! If you would like to use ipay88 Credit Card payment option, you would have to check out your cart in Malaysian currency (MYR) . ( 3D Secure Credit Cards Only )

Affordable shipping for bulk order of accessories to Singapore

We have made shipping for accessories affordable for your Christmas shopping! Up to 15 items/sets of accessories will be only Sgd$7.50! and any additional 10 items/sets of accessories will be an additional Sgd$2. Just select ALL ACCESSORIES ONLY Shipping upon checkout!

Free Shipping for orders Sgd$250 and up to Singapore.

Lala Move Same / Next Day Delivery - KL and Selangor

Delivery via Lalamove is for SAME DAY / NEXT DAY weekdays 11am - 6pm ONLY ! Once order has been placed please Whatsapp us at 01135250377 or DM us on IG to liaise the timing! We may not be able to do SAME DAY delivery on busy days but we will definitely dispatch it by the NEXT working day. ( If we don't receive a message from you, we may miss this info that you have chosen Lalamove and only see it when we are packing orders at our packing orders scheduled time. )

Please use a measuring tape

This year we have started to do sizing for our garments. We would advise you to use a measuring tape to compare your size with the measurements provided in each designs description ! 


Only recently we felt ready to expand our range to bigger sizes! We are so happy to be able to provide our Batik Wear to beautiful Plus size figures . All sizes are beautiful and we are so glad! We previously started with smaller size only / or Regular free size to fit the general petite asian sizing as me as a designer I started off designing for myself :) and sharing these designs with you all! - apologies as we haven't had the time to have a proper campaign shot for this range yet with the lockdowns!