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All Accessories Combo Pack

RM 80.00

KANOE Accessories Combo pack . Get em all !

Each set comes with 4 of these accessories :

Select your set :

A - Handcrafted Earring + Batik Headband + Batik Scrunchie with ribbon + Batik Facemask

B -  Batik Headband + Batik Scrunchie with ribbon x 2 + Batik Facemask 

C - Batik Headband + Batik Facemask x 2 + Batik Scrunchie with Ribbon  

D - Batik Headband + Batik Facemask + Batik Scrunchies (set of 3)

Select your color preference for the set : 

Set #1 - Pink/Red Shades

Set#2 - Lilac/Purple / Brown Shades

Set#3 - Blue Shades

Set #4 - Green Shades

Set #5 - Mix Colours or Let us know your preference at the notes section upon checkout , subject to availability. 

Set #6 - Matching the pieces in my cart!

Real retail price would be around RM120 - RM128 for all the 4 items. 

Get this pack at only RM80!

Items will be selected at random based on your colour preference :)! We may insert a surprise color if the item color choice is sold out !

KANOE Surprise pack ! x