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Batik Cropped Jacket - Flo

RM 188.00

Wear this as a cropped jacket or even as a top! Extremely versatile. For casual or even professional. Button it up or leave the button open.  Sleeves can be also worn up or down! This cropped jacket is a statement piece. Can be worn to work or even on a day out! As you like. And Pockets to put all your ang pao’s this Chinese New year !  

Made from 100% cotton. There are a lot of details on this masterpiece. 

 Measurements : 

V neck – 19 cm 

Length – 47 cm 

Width – 50 cm  

Free size, it may look small but you may be surprise how well it will fit you whether you are a size 6 or 10

( PS. The first image is that of your pick! The corresponding images of jacket worn by our model Fran are examples of ways you may wear this cropped jacket :)