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HandMarbled Batik Mask - Adele (S)

RM 45.00 RM 50.00

These HandMarbled Batik Mask have groove.

Comes in a set of 3 as per image !

3 ply layer with the batik 100% and the other 2 inner layers a poly-cotton blend.

Available in 2 size : S and M

Small (S) - Centre front middle length is 12.5cm, width 22.5cm. This is perfect for a standard asian female face where you don't want the mask looking too big but fitting just right.  

S size is for a general asian female that usually have a smaller face. If it is too tight, you can find the place of the elastic where the 2 lines of stitches are and unpick the stitch on both side that is furthest from the edge of the elastic.

* Placement of batik print of mask may differ from image.