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Klassik Batik Top - Taro Shine

RM 168.00

This Klassik Batik Top truly is a classic KANOE signature design that has stand the test of time.

Limited pieces of each print available!

Our Klassik Batik is a way of embracing the old while giving a special twist of the new in its design. Sophistication is in simplicity. The sleeve details make it both fun to wear and dance in, while we kept it modest! The great thing about this Klassik Batik Top is that you can wear it to almost any occasion and it will never run out of style! Whether it be a casual day out, to work, or even a nice evening out!

It is made from 100% cotton and each batik is handpicked by us and limited in its pattern. 


Length - 60cm / 23.5inch

Width - 52cm / 20.5inch

Around armhole - 46cm / 18inch

Size good for an S - L.

Model B is at 169cm a usual top size S/M.