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Heavenly dress - Angel ( Rose/Rose)

RM 289.00

This beautiful dress is made of 100% soft cotton hand spun, then hand woven and finally naturally dyed cotton by skilled artisans in India. The embroidery is hand machine sulam by skilled artisans locally in Malaysia. 

Very soft and comfortable wonderful natural fabric. Depending on the color of the dress you choose, it may be slightly sheer. Wear nude inner or a slip for comfort.

Pockets at each side seam and a detachable waist ribbon tie to niche in at the waist for a lovely feminine touch. 

A limited number of this dress has been made.


width all around : 65.5 inches / 166 cm 

length : 35.5 inch / 90cm 

Will fit a size s-m very well.

Nature of the dye:

Light Pink - warp weave is the natural raw cotton shade, weft weave in light pink is naturally dyed using Manjishtha ( Indian Madder )

Red - warp weave is the natural raw cotton shade , weft weave is dyed with Alizarin.

Kora ( off white ) - natural unbleached cotton

( Care:- please handwash in cold water. )